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New paper on mixotrophy in sponges by Meggie Hudspith

The ability of organisms to combine autotrophy and heterotrophy gives rise to one of the most successful nutritional strategies on Earth: mixotrophy.

Review paper on the role of the oral immune system in oropharyngeal candidiasis-facilitated invasion and dissemination of Staphylococcus aureus

Raymond Pasman and co-workers recently published the review paper (below) in which they provide an overview of relevant aspects of intra and extra-epithelial oral immunity and discuss predominant immune deficiencies expected to facilitate C. albicans induced S. aureus BSIs.

New review paper: Role of serotonine in the gut.

In this review paper by Nienke Koopman, Drosos Katsavelis, Stanley Brul and collaborators from the AMC the multifaceted role of serotonin within the gut is discussed. Besides its well-known function as neurotransmitter, serotonin, also called 5-HT, plays a role in intestinal homeostasis by interacting with immune cells, epithelial cells and even the microbiota. In this…
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New paper: M2R a python add-on to cobrapy for modifying human genome-scale metabolic reconstruction using the gut microbiota models.

M2R, a Python add-on to cobrapy that allows incorporating information about the gut microbiota metabolism models to human genome-scale metabolic models (GEMs) like RECON3D. More info can be found in the recently published paper by Weglarz-Tomczak E, Tomczak JM and Brul S. M2R: a Python add-on to cobrapy for modifying human genome-scale metabolic reconstruction using…
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New paper on host-microbe interactions in sponges by Meggie Hudspith

Subcellular view of host–microbiome nutrient exchange in sponges: insights into the ecological success of an early metazoan–microbe symbiosis  

New Paper: Plant Genetic Networks Shaping Phyllosphere Microbial Community

Phyllosphere microbial communities inhabit the aerial plant parts, such as leaves and flowers, where they form complex molecular interactions with the host plant. Contrary to the relatively well-studied rhizosphere microbiome, scientists are just starting to understand, and potentially utilize, the phyllosphere microbiome. In this article, recent studies that have provided novel insights into the mechanism…
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Plant–microbiome interactions: from community assembly to plant health

Pankaj Trivedi, Jan E. Leach, Susannah G. Tringe, Tongmin Sa and Brajesh K. Singh Healthy plants host diverse but taxonomically structured communities of microorganisms, the plant microbiota, that colonize every accessible plant tissue. Plant-associated microbiomes confer fitness advantages to the plant host, including growth promotion, nutrient uptake, stress tolerance and resistance to pathogens. In this…
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New Paper

A new paper about redefining the microbiome has recently been published