Research Priority Area
Systems Biology
Host-Microbiome Interactions

October 27-28, 2020. BioSB 2020 flash update: Online registrations now open!

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Plant–microbiome interactions: from community assembly to plant health

Pankaj Trivedi, Jan E. Leach, Susannah G. Tringe, Tongmin Sa and Brajesh K. Singh Healthy plants host diverse but taxonomically structured communities of microorganisms, the plant microbiota, that colonize every accessible plant tissue. Plant-associated microbiomes confer fitness advantages to the plant host, including growth promotion, nutrient uptake, stress tolerance and resistance to pathogens. In this…
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New Tenure-Track position

Are you fascinated by the world of microorganisms? Do you want to know how a microbial cell works? Do you want to unravel why some make us ill but many are absolutely essential for a healthy life? Are you interested in the molecular interactions in microbial consortia and between microbes and their hosts? We are seeking…
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New Paper

A new paper about redefining the microbiome has recently been published