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NanoClass – a microbiome meta-classification tool based on 16S MinION sequences

Below you can find the presentation held by Evelien Jongepier @ Oct 30th 2020

New tenure-track position

Within the department of Evolutionary and Population Biology there’s a vacancy for an Assistant Professor in Evolutionary Ecology, specifically host-microbiome interactions. For a full job description…

Zeapyranolactone − A novel strigolactone from maize

Charnikhova, T.V., Gaus, K., Lumbroso, A., Sanders, M., Vincken, J.-P., De Mesmaeker, A., Ruyter-Spira, C.P., Screpanti, C., Bouwmeester, H.J., 2018.  Phytochemistry Letters 24, 172-178

The tomato MAX1 homolog, SlMAX1, is involved in the biosynthesis of tomato strigolactones from carlactone

Zhang, Y., Cheng, X., Wang, Y., Díez-Simón, C., Flokova, K., Bimbo, A., Bouwmeester, H.J., Ruyter-Spira, C., 2018. New Phytol 219: 297-309

Structural diversity in the strigolactones

Yanting Wang, Harro J Bouwmeester, 2018.  J Exp Bot 69, 2219–2230