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BioSB 2021 conference – 15-16 June

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Tapping into below-ground microbial diversity for control of the parasitic weed Striga

The presentation of Benjamin Thiobiano’s ongoing (unplubished) work on Striga from January 2021

New paper on host-microbe interactions in sponges by Meggie Hudspith

Subcellular view of host–microbiome nutrient exchange in sponges: insights into the ecological success of an early metazoan–microbe symbiosis  

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Evolutionary coexistence of microbial strains and species in fluctuating environments caused by metabolic interactions

On Nov 27th 2020 Meike Wortel presented her work about the coexistence of microbial strains.

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Plant drives its microbiome through genetic determinisms and root exudates

Here’s the presentation of Anouk Zancarini she presented on the RPA-SB meeting at Dec 18th 2020